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It was a nice and smooth partnership! Jesse had previous rental experiences worldwide and we didn’t want to be out of this outstanding and professional project, by providing Hertz main values and a mobility solution for a beautiful and hassle-free journey in Portugal.

We were straightforward regarding our expectations with the partnership and Jesse was always very nice and understanding, with a knowledgeable approach during the whole partnership. Thank you very much for the collaboration and for the great work!

Hertz Portugal


We just launched a new business in Southern Utah and we knew we needed to be able to grab the attention of people to let them know we were here and what we had to offer.  We were so fortunate to find Jesse and have him provide their impeccable talents to share who we are.  His work ethic was top notch. He came prepared with research of the region and was able to adapt on the fly to meet our vision with his.  I am delighted with his partnership and collaboration and the outcomes we achieved.

Dan - Founder


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