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''We appreciate your incredible work! The photos, posts & the stories are always amazing!

We really love your idea with the scenarios.”

Julia - MSI Canada


Jesse Olivier-02.jpg
Jesse Olivier-05.jpg
Jesse Olivier-11.jpg
Jesse Olivier-17.jpg
Jesse Olivier-03.jpg
Jesse Olivier-22.jpg
Jesse Olivier-04.jpg
Jesse Olivier-09_edited.jpg

The images & the Instagram reel delivered by Jesse were absolutely insane. He crushed it!

Madi – Social Media Strategist


"We are delighted with our collaboration with Jesse! During his road trip to Utah, he was able to highlight our watches through superb photos. His artistic talent clearly shines through in each photo. Thank you for taking our watches around the world."

Anaïs - Content creation manager


Jesse Olivier-51.jpg
Jesse Olivier-34.jpg
Jesse Olivier-28.jpg
Jesse Olivier-53.jpg
Jesse Olivier-64.jpg
Jesse Olivier-41.jpg
Jesse Olivier-27.jpg

'' We were very excited about this collaboration. We always love to have unique content for our brand & Jesse delivered wonderful unique images! We will definitely contact Jesse for future projects.''

Ankie - Marketing team


''Working with Jesse was an incredible and refreshing experience! We collaborated with him on 3 partnerships and the result was fabulous. His heart is in the right place and it shows in his performance. We are very happy with our relationship and would be willing to work with Jesse again! ''

Emmanuel - Co-founder



“It’s always a pleasure to work with Jesse. Our needs are always largely covered. His artistic vision and work ethic are impeccable.

Jillian - Social Media manager

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